Tournament Results

October 14 -20, 2013 Taranto, Italy

Cecil's Korean Martial Arts Centre is extremely proud to have had two of its Blind River students, Anna and Connor Cyr recently competed in the World Karate and Kickboxing Tournament in Taranto, Italy as part of team Canada.  This tournament had approximately 1700 competitors from 12 different countries.

This six day tournament ran from October 14 to 20 with the finals being held Friday and Saturday.  Only the top four in each event continued on to compete in the finals.

Anna competed in four events coming away with a silver medal and two bronze medals.

Bronze  - creative weapons

Bronze - light contact sparring

Silver - team point sparring

Connor competed in 4 events, taking home one each of a silver and a bronze medal.

Bronze  - team light contact sparring

Silver  - light contact sparring

6th place  Korean traditional forms

Congratulations goes out to both Anna and Connor on their amazing achievements at this world tournament.