Black Belts

To receive a black belt would be a great honor. To receive a black belt would means that I have worked hard throughout my years as a student to Cecil's Korean Martial Arts and have achieved many goals.

The goals I have learned are; all the forms for each belt, learning how to wield a sword, sais and how to spin a staff. I have learned many values while taking this journey. For example leadership and discipline. I now know how to take these leadership skills and use it to help other students not only in martial arts, but in school and air cadets as well. I will also be able to use these leadership skills anywhere I go in the future for example; when I get a job. Over the years I attended many competitions and have won many awards thanks to the teachings of Sir Cecil. Without Sir Cecil and Mam, I would just be an average kid trying to figure out what to do during his Tuesday and Thursday nights. Instead I have been learning how to wield weapons and learning forms in an artful way and making unforgettable memories. It is thanks to them where I can now defend myself only in the right situation.

To receive a black belt would symbolize that I have taken the time twice weekly to reach my goal in receiving a black belt. This would prove that I am indeed a dedicated hard working person that I will go all the way to reach my goals even if it takes six years.

Thanks to this proof I would be a reasonable candidate to get a job in the future. Receiving the black belt would symbolize that I can work in a team. Without the other students such as Alex, Anna and Andre I would not be where I stand today. With this being said it would be a great honor to receive a black belt.