Black Belts

Throughout the past 7 years I have been a member of Cecil's Korean Martial Arts Centre in Blind River Ontario. Not only has the club taught me Hap-ki-do, it has given me valuable life skills which have aided me in other sectors of my life. Leadership, self-confidence, and better overall health are just a few of the amazing things the club has given me. 

Learning the Korean Martial Art of Hap-ki-do has been a long, worthwhile journey. Within my first year as a white belt I learned the basic foundations needed to advance. In the following years I learned the components of each belt level. With each new belt came new levels of confidence.

Upon joining the club at the age of 10, I had little self-confidence and was in poor physical state. Throughout the years I've gained self-confidence and leadership from helping lower belt levels with their forms, weapons, and techniques. I've also gained the confidence needed to join other extra-curricular activities such as Army Cadets and Biathlon.

When travelling to new places I feel more confident. The techniques I've learned give me courage to explore places which may be dangerous. This courage comes from my knowledge that I can defend myself
if ever a victim abroad.

Throughout my time with Cecil's Korean Martial Arts Centre, I've been continuously led by some of the world's greatest leaders: Cecil and Linda Pierce. Their continuous support is what has allowed me to advance to the rank I am now. Time after time I've been allowed to participate in classes before and after my class to practice. They have also shown me support before and after tournaments.

The past 7 years have been fantastic! The skills I've learned are irreplaceable. I would like to give a huge thanks to Ma'am (Linda) and Sir (Cecil) for teaching me Korean Martial Arts, the art truly has changed my life.

Emily Roach