Black Belts

Hi my name is Amber Lyn MacDonald. I am 12 years old and I joined Karate when I was 4 years old but I had been watching the class for 2 years prior to joining since my older brother Shane was in Karate. Sir Cecil & Mam Linda took me under their wings since I was so small. They even let me stand beside them at the front of the Class.

Since I have been in Karate the last 9 years I have learnt a lot, I learnt how to defend myself, I learnt how to be independent and my self-esteem got better. I loved making new friends and meeting new people, especially when I went to the competitions. At the competitions I didn't always win but I did learn that it's not always about winning; IT'S ABOUT GIVING 100/00 EFFORT and also about having fun.

Thru the years I learnt new Forms for every belt color, and I also was taught different weapons which I loved, especially the Fan and the Sword Forms. I also liked doing Self-Defense moves since I got to throw people around :}

I also loved doing the wrestling and trying to take away the blue marshmallow. I learnt so many techniques. Oh ya then there is the Sparring that I still am not too fond of. But I learnt that it's okay. Sir Cecil and Mam Linda are great teachers and you can tell by all the medals and trophies that are won by their students at all the competitions, they are very supportive, fun and understanding.

I am very anxious and nervous to Grade for my Black Belt because this has been what I have been working towards for the past 9 years. Getting my Black Belt means a lot to me.