Black Belts

If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster, and treat those two Imposters just the same -R. Kipling

A Black belt is a designation of the highest rank obtainable by a student of martial arts, with levels of degree, marking the individual's skill in codified systems and traditions of combat practices.

My Black Belt is a combination of dedication, commitment, and perseverance. I have had eight years, with time on and off but I have never quit. Through my injury (a torn anterior cruciate ligament, requiring surgical reconstruction) I graded for my Yellow belt. A year, after the birth of my daughter-I returned to receive my Blue belt. The following year saw me testing for my Red belt, eventually advancing to Brown belt. Here I struggled for two years and here I learned humility, for the techniques and forms did not come easy. I refused to give in and so I persisted.

My Black Belt is the culmination of experiences drawn from tournaments, training and practices, friendships and comraderies, physical health and fitness, self-defence, and self-development. This November I will be representing Canada at the World Karate and Kick Boxing Commission World Championships. My Black Belt ties me to others in our pursuit of self-expression through martial arts; its grace in movements and spirituality.

Finally, my Black Belt is a testament of my knowledge and understanding of the basic fundamentals of martial arts.

Thank you Sa Bu Nim Cecil and Bu Sa Nim Linda for allowing me the Time to show my Efforts.

See you at the Dojang.
Dokmay Fraser, First Degree Black Belt