Black Belts

By getting my black belt it means the world to me and my family, my mother and father both had their black belts and it feels good to follow their footsteps.

A Black belt means hard work, training, strength and dedication. Receiving it makes me feel like the past 11 years of karate was worth all the time, work and dedication put into it. Cecil and Linda have been there since the beginning; Cecil was my very first teacher when I was a white belt. Getting my black belt with him means a lot to me, he has been there for me since I was 4 years old now at the age of 15 he still stands by my side and pushes me to do my best.

Karate has actually helped me with my outside life of karate; I have gained more confidence and more assertiveness. With 11 years of training I have attended a lot of tournaments, I have received two grand champions one when I was 5 years old and the other when I was 14, and I also have 12 trophies and 32 medals. Karate hasn't been easy on me or my family for 11 years so this black belt came with lots of will power and strength.

Cecil has trained me in Forms, Weapons, Self-Defence, Point Sparring and Continuous sparing. With all the training they have given me I have achieved my goal of making it to nationals from regionals I got even better than I have expected I made it to worlds! If it wasn't for Cecil and Linda I wouldn't have been able to make it this far in my karate carrier, so I thank them dearly. I am proud to be a black belt I will cherish it with my life, another thing from my bucket list has been archived thanks to Cecil and Linda.

I want to thank them for pushing me to do my best and keep me doing what I love. You guys have changed my life for the better and I thank you with my life.

Thank you
Jo-Kyo-Nim Rebecca McKay