Black Belts

I joined karate for my remission from Leukemia Cancer. It was said to help with my immune system and recovery, for my bodies fitness and health.

When I joined I never expected myself, to reach the level of belt that I am now, which is brown. I've watched myself change positively through ever class, I noticed that I have more confidence with myself, and I am proud of myself and my achievements. The greatest thing about joining karate, would have to be the experience of everything from, tournaments, climbing the ladder of ranks, or simply just the excitement of learning a full set of self defense skills, or completing your very first full form.

But I can say this, its truly about your teachers that have put most of their lives into learning, and now teaching it. There's so much more knowledge and understanding, that isn't noticeable to the naked eye of somebody, that isn't involved in karate. There is so much more then meets the eye for karate, it takes a lot of practice, patience, commitment, consistency, dedication, effort, but most importantly the love of the art of martial arts.

You can come to karate, and practice and not take anything away from it, but once you learn to enjoy it, embrace it, and become one with your body and mind, you truly understand what it takes to be a true Martial Artist, and the will to pass on the knowledge and understand of karate by learning, mastering, and then instructing. To further the art of martial arts.

Alexandre Fox McCoy