Black Belts

To me, receiving my Black Belt means more than just the fact that I dedicated 8 years of my life to the sport, it means a great accomplishment. Getting my Black Belt is a feat conquered; I have worked so hard inside the club and out to be where I am today.

It requires tremendous patience and dedication to receive my Black belt. I have learned so many things over the years that I couldn't learn anywhere else; I've learned self-discipline & respect, not only in others, but in myself as well. I believe that the 5 belts you must receive before achieving. Your Black Belt (white, yellow, blue, red and brown) are just allowing you to put your toes in the water and test your commitment because it's not until after those five belts that the real learning begins. My eyes have been opened a lot recently, realizing that Martial-arts leads to an endless line of mesmerizing opportunities. Through Martial-arts I've been able to be a part of Team Canada and compete in Italy and also qualified to participate as part of the Canadian martial arts team for the past two years.

I look forward to hopefully one day opening my own club and training kids the discipline required to be a great martial artist. I strongly believe that all the training required to hewn my skills have kept me off the streets doing things that lead to taking the wrong paths in life and has kept me in great shape. Receiving my Black Belt would be a great reward for all of the hard work and dedication I have put in to this. I remember when I was little; I wasn't allowed to do karate because it was my sister's sport. I would participate from the stage, watching what everyone else would do; I would copy it and practice the moves until I got them down pat. Finally, my parents decided to let me join the club because my sister started playing hockey, it was from that moment on that I knew I was going to like it a lot. In conclusions, I would like to thank you both for everything you have done for me in helping me achieve my Black Belt. I am also grateful for the new friendships that I have made along this journey. And last to my sister for your strength and for always pushing me the one step further. What the mind believes the body achieves.