About Us

Cecil's Korean Martial Arts Centre is owned and operated by Cecil and Linda Pierce. Between then they have almost 30 years of combined experience in martial arts.

Cecil is a 4th degree Black belt and his Korean title is Sa Bum Nim. Linda also holds a 3rd degree Black Belt and her title is Boo Sa Nim.

As a teenage, Sa Bum Nim Cecil studied martial arts in Arnprior and later in Ottawa. After making his home in Elliot Lake 30 plus years later, he trained with Grand Master Lee and Master Ivan. The style of karate he learned was Dan Moo Doo.

Sa Bum Nim Cecil has been teaching Martial arts for about 10 years in a local karate club with 7 years teaching in Blind River. For the past five years he has teaching as the head instructor and owner of Cecil’s Korean Martial Arts Centre or CKMAC.

Boo Sa Nim Linda trained with Master Ivan and Sa Bum Nim Cecil. While she was training for her black belt Linda helped teach martial arts to a number of students under the guidance of Master Ivan.

Since opening Cecil's Korean Martial Arts Center they have introduced hundreds of individuals to the world of martial arts. In that time they have had sixteen students complete their black belts.