Cecil's Korean Martial Arts Centre

A family friendly place of learning with a safe and fun atmosphere.

Increase Confidence, Focus and Self-Esteem

We can help you or your child increase confidence, focus and self-esteem. Your child will also develop self-discipline, self-control and increase courage, respect, dedication and above all physical fitness.

Develop Essential Skills

A background that includes martial arts training can provide essential skills needed to succeed in life. It is a great investment for your child's growth now and in the future.

Two Martial Arts Centres

We now have two martial arts centres - Blind River and Elliot Lake. Our schools offer a unique martial arts experience that is full of positive energy and encouragement.

Family Friendly

Cecil's Korean Martial Arts Centre is a family-friendly place of learning; the atmosphere is fun and safe. At Cecil's Korean Martial Arts Centre you can feel good about getting fit and learning Korean Martial Arts including self-defence, weapons and sparring.